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Cara's "Business Card"

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Just a Random Story

Lots of dogs can open doors but Cara outsmarted us on this one at the same time. We were taking an elderly friend out to dinner. Cara and Niki, were going to stay at the house to keep, Senta, his GSD company. It was warm so our friend just shut his sliding glass door screen. When we came back the door was open and all three dogs were jumping on one of the upstairs beds. It was a foregone conclusion that Cara was the instigator.
"I did NOT do that, I was falsely accused"

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Perfect Pet Pictures

Hints for taking photographs of your pets.


Enlist a helper. A helper can encourage play, give commands and pose the pet as needed. Have toys and treats handy.One of my dogs (Cara) hates the camera. I get my best pictures when somebody is around to distract her.

If you have any hints or links to other information, please share them in the comments

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Strange Dog Play

Niki, Penny and "Big Red" star in Strange Dog Play.

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The Virtual Specialty

Each year there is a national "specialty" for cattle dogs. This is the annual get together for ACDs only to strut their stuff. Every year though some people and their dogs have to stay home. To keep the homebound readers happy the listserve sometimes does a "virtual" specialty. People send in their most appropriate stories in a number of categories. Three judges pick the best in all categorys. Back in 2003 I was a judge.

#1 Highest clean and jerk from a standing position -- and what they were going after.


Lacey, Top of Kitchen Counter, peach pie. She ate the whole thing. (Lacey is deceased, this may not count)

Nancy C.

We haven't gotten word on whether deceased dogs count for this, but in case they do - I've got one for standing jump. Our first ACD, Blaze, at 6 months jumped through a connecting door from the garage to the house when the glass had been broken out of the top portion of the door and we hadn't replaced yet. The garage side was a step down and she did not take a run at it - took one step and just leaped straight up like a cat to get to me standing in the kitchen. I measured later out of curiosity, it was 49 inches and she cleared all body parts cleanly. Obviously - baby gates didn't work in our house. After that, stove tops, counters, etc. were fair game and it took some aging on her part and a little arthritis to slow her down.

Neil P.

One night I had a nice lovely bacon-wrapped tenderloin roast, resting comfortably at the BACK of the kitchen counter. Well, time came to throw the steak on the barbie, and I wander into the kitchen. Yep. No roast. No trace of there ever at some distant past moment ever being a roast in the vicinity of the kitchen. Not a trace. I defy the forensic scientists to prove the prior existence of said roast. The only evidence was the bacon-scented breath of one 'Nosy Rosie Bag o Bones'. Not a trace of remorse, either. Little sneak.

Angie D.

A number of years ago, we were all having thanksgiving dinner at our neighbors’ house, there were 3 dogs (one being Stratus at Rainbow Bridge) also at the house, we were all in the living room and decided to move to the kitchen to see how the turkey was doing. Upon returning to the living room, all the pre-dinner snacks were gone (8 trays), with the exception of one grape rolling on one tray, even the decorations on the trays were eaten. the trays were on shelves the height of the kitchen counter. Thankfully, not one of the dogs got sick and out of 14 adults not one of us heard them in the living room which was next door to the kitchen with a large entryway.

Gill, Janey & Rip (the Welsh Cowdogs) UK

When Rip was only a youngster maybe 6 months old, we went to an agility training day to work Janey our older ACD. As Rip was too young to have even taken up agility, she was to be a bystander along with my partner Gordon. We turned up in our camper van and to Rip's utter disgust Janey and I went off to do agility ~ Rip leapt from the floor of the Camper van right out of the driver’s window landed smoothly and followed us down the field like nothing had happened.

Angela B-S

Charlie, dad's dear departed ACD loved to fight and taunt other dogs. We always had numerous salesmen, other ranchers, etc. driving into the lot at our house with large dogs that rode in the back of their trucks. Charlie knew every one of them, but had a particular hatred for the feed salesman's Dobie that would jump on top of the cab and taunt him. Logically he figured no way that arrogant little blue thing can reach me up here! Charlie could clear an 8ft picket fence, dumb Dobie. In one amazing straight-up jump Charlie grabbed Dobie and cleanly jerked him off the cab of the truck. I'm guessing it was a good 8 ft, and the Dobie weighed at least 75 lbs.

Trish C.

Niki doesn't do this to actually grab something -- it is part of her "I want a treat" performance. She invented this jump on her own and we encouraged it. We call it a "boing" (like a spring), I will try to describe it.Niki will be standing with all 4 paws on the ground. She starts her spring by pushing off with her back legs but as she jumps she keeps her spine almost parallel to the floor so that it appears that she had just shot up in to the air from a full standing position. She will do it several times in a row. My husband is 5'11" and in her highest observed "boing" she has jumped up to eye-level with him. About 5 to 5 1/2 feet almost straight up! It's amazing what she will do for 1 stupid dog biscuit as this is only part of her repertoire.

#2 Most unusual item to pass completely through a cattle dog's digestive tract without medical intervention.


On the day Floyd got his AKC championship he passed a Pepsi Can, crushed but completely there, you could read the word "Pepsi" (along with multiple action figures of my grandson's and bits of toy carcasses)

Angela B-S

This story SORTA fits in "passing thru intact" category...some chewing involved, but mostly 1 ft+ long pieces. My boy Spinner got his name when he was 10 wks old after he consumed an ENTIRE Sam's value-pack of Northern toilet paper, plastic and all. After the vet quit laughing, she loaded him up on mineral oil and we hoped for the best. You could still see the little patterns on the paper and the colored printing on the plastic. Every time he'd poop for a week, he'd cry, grunt and spin around in circles...hence the name.

Jen O

Okay, had to get my Rocky in the games. Not sure he competes with some of the others - and I thought Rocky was handful! We've had many - knee high nylons, paper towels, eye glass cloth, Barbie clothes and Polly pocket shoes. These are his favorites.

#3 Most distinguishing physical characteristic presented by a dog believed to be full ACD that most departs from breed standards

Carolyn E.

Boomer is a parrot mouth/in other words he has an overbite. And OH what an overbite it is. I just measured ... his front teeth are a full 1/2 inch from touching his lower teeth. When he has his mouth closed, all his upper teeth from his canines forward are outside his lower jaw. When he lays on his back, with his mouth closed, you can see the roof of his mouth.

Barb F

My entrant, DoughyDog, has FOUR dewclaws (one per leg). Nail-clipping day is a blast. Barb & doughydog (& bud - same parents, only 2 dewclaws)

Sarah M

Well since at the last minute we couldn't make it to Belton... :-( Charley has about a 1/2" underbite. His canines and incisors hang out over his upper lip. His lip is permanently creased where the teeth ride on it. And his tongue apparently was made to match the lower jaw, so it doesn't fit in his head and is always sticking out.

Angie D

Stella is still a puppy, but she isn't getting any cuter:) Her ears are still so huge and she has no chin (but thankfully we don't have the teeth problem someone else posted about), her head is very small, but her body is growing and so she is getting the nickname, Stella the chinless pinhead!! I am hoping she is in the ugly teenage years and will grow out of it. LOL. Whatever she lacks in looks she is making up for in personality. She is an amazing puppy and a real joy to be around.

Kim J

Whip is not only on the small side, he's the spitting image of a miniature deer in profile. Slight, with match-stick legs up to his chin... we call him Bambi. Poor dear, I'm so glad he can't read this, LOL.

#4 Most arrests by animal control

Mary-Beth M

Miles has TWO citations from animal control. The first occurred when he was about a year old. It happened while I was at work at a children's residential treatment center. I was exercising him on a back field, being highly alert for any children coming my way. I forgot to watch an approach from the woods, never thinking one of my dear charges would be out-of-bounds. Carlos came riding his bike out of the woods, took one look at Miles, dropped the bike and ran as fast as he could back toward the canyon, with Miles in pursuit (can I enter this in herding as well?). The doc in the ER where Carlos got his stitches seemed friendly to cattle dogs and marked the report as having occurred in play, which evidently is a lesser offense.
The second came a year later. We had a house sitter, who doesn't report the story very well. She was out back gardening when the mail carrier arrived. It seems her whippet found the only opening in the fence near the front our new home and Miles followed her out. It seems the postman put out his knee in defense and Miles teeth came down and abraded his leg. We had to pick up our mail at the post office for a while until we closed the gap in the fence. Thank goodness Miles never got his third strike, as we live in Cahleefornah.

#5 Most financial damage incurred in one fiscal year


Floyd (and his brother Rider) ate the air conditioning wires and blew the transformer. $300. Two weeks later they did the exact same thing. Another $300. (please do not mention this ever to my husband, he only knows of the first time)

Darlene H

I am not sure if this was done by Blue or Annie, but Blue was out and Annie never did that much, so I will enter Blue. I came home one night in February to find that my waterbed had "sprung a leak.” As I tried to get it drained I found that a couple corners of it had claw and teeth marks and there were quite a few leaks. As well as the loss of the mattress, the carpet was ruined (have not researched replacement cost on that), the oak floor was ruined (estimates to replace it are $800-900), The basement ceiling was ruined (estimate for that area of ceiling approx. $200), books and magazines ruined, some clothing stored downstairs ruined. All in all about $1300-1400 if I get it fixed by the pros. I will have to learn to replace floors and ceilings myself to keep up with this.

Brenda C

Claddaugh- 10 months. He lived at our house for 4 months.
**all estimated costs**
1 Jacuzzi - $3000
1 garden hose- $50
1 snorkel mask- $50
1 pair Nike shoes- $25
1 lawn mower- $300
1 TV cable- $50
1 hammock- $40
various dog toys- $50
various pool toys- $20
various lawn furniture- $50
various plants- $175
God, i never realized how bad this was until now!!! she has help from the 3 other dogs, but she is the instigator. Hopefully they will all stop eating things once they turn 2.

Carolyn E

Most monetary damage inflicted in a calendar year.
Boomers overbite is serious enough to create medical problems. Lower canines would puncture the roof of his mouth, if allowed to grow in naturally. SO all his puppy canines were pulled before they reached full growth. Then when his Adult canines were grown in enough. We decided not to remove them completely. Cut them off... Many medical reasons for this decision. OK ... so he has surgery on Thurs. (I know, I know, you’re thinking, he has to destroy something to be entered into this category...) By Sat I am concerned that something is not
right.-- He has ripped out all the stitches.-- Emergency repair surgery SUN. --Tues. checkup ... he has ripped out all the stitches AGAIN...-- Emergency repair surgery Wed.-- 5 Surgeries total/3 in one week. Mouth surgery costs have now topped 3,000. over half of which was repair work. Boomer destroyed his OWN MOUTH to the tune of over 1,500.00 bucks. (he ended up in a basket muzzle for a month to make sure he couldn't do it again) I won't even go into the fact that he is just now recovering from surgery on a luxating patella...

NE/CO K9's Kelly D

Bandit, in his wonderful love of the Frisbee, can't wait to get outside when he sees me headed that way disc in hand. He has now torn the screen out of 4 doors, for a minimal total of $60, recently tore up the linoleum in the laundry room for a total of $220.00 and now for the top we had my mother-in-law’s prize bullfrog, $32.00 and her HUGE Koi, $750.00 Making the grand total for the year.....$1062.00 plus tax.

Gill, Janey & Rip (the Welsh Cowdogs) UK

Rip again...bless her!! As a pup despite an abundance of toys and chews she preferred to chew her way through our dining room table and 4 chairs, our sofa and one of the arm chairs, the bottom part of the divan bed, a storage seat in the bedroom, the bottom rail on the Welsh Dresser, not to count numerous pairs of shoes, clogs, trainers oh and still to this day she has a thing about socks! I'm not sure of the total value though

#6 Most outrageous act committed without causing bodily harm.


Floyd has knocked out my teeth (caps, really), given me a black eye, and various bruises and scrapes all to "protect" me from the other dogs that live with us. Sorry, nothing without bodily harm, It always hurt.

Neil P

A neighbor has a plywood silhouette of a sheep in her front yard, about the size of a large cat. She has it wrapped up in a fake sheepskin. Well, Rosie has walked by this thing about 500 times. Then, suddenly, she noticed it. Dropped. Watched it. Ran up to it, growling. Barked at it. Looked back at me, laughing at her. Gave me the look, and skulked off, thinking, no doubt, stoopid human. I knew it was fake. Just playing with it, ya know'.... I won't even talk about how my other dog Zak decided a boulder in a neighbor’s yard was evil. I mean really evil....


OK, maybe "most horrifying". I had my red boy about three weeks (he was 1 1/2 when I got him) and decided to take him on a community 3k walk/jog. I was lined up for the start with a friend, frantically scoping the crowd for other dogs to avoid an "incident", when I heard him growl and felt him tug (ok, lunge) on the leash. He was growling at a BABY STROLLER (occupied) behind us! Luckily the adult connected to the stroller did not notice, and I made a graceful retreat. I must say in hindsight that I tend to look at kids the same way; I just manage to hide my disgust/fear.

Angie D.

I think I posted about Abby jumping our 8-foot fence not once but twice. We left her with our neighbor and the neighbor thought that Abby may want to hang outside for a bit, and put her in our fenced yard. She went home and heard a scratching noise at her front door and it was Abby. She couldn't believe it, so she took her back and then proceed to watch and sure enough Abby clears the fence the second time. There is a two-foot retaining wall that we believe she got up on and over the rest of the fence. Needless to say, when we got home my husband was out fixing the retaining wall.

Sara R

A friend of mine, while generally horrified at Mouse's potential for harm, was nonetheless quite impressed with her trainability and general agility ability. This was always expressed as, "What a shame you cannot show her, she is a wonderful working dog.” She actually began to warm up to Mouse and pet her. So we were sitting on the pause table chatting and she was getting more and more enthusiastic about petting Mouse and then Mouse launches herself and really whacks my friend in the face with her nose. (This is, in ACD lingo, called a “nose bonk”) I was horrified thinking it was some sort of Mouse attack, triggered by person getting too close. My friend will probably never go near her again. However, some time later watching Mouse greet an old friend from her rescue days, I noticed that she was trying to do that same face bonking, and I realized that I sort of automatically take evasive action when she is greeting me enthusiastically, like I am picking her up from the kennel. So it is some sort of real fond gesture, I suppose, jumping straight up and hitting people in the face? Cattle dogs tend to be endlessly horrifying to one's friends.

Edith T

(not sure what category this belongs in)
My Angel is a deaf cattlekid. You have to bear this in mind as I was in the field viewing a deep pit excavated by the local Geological of Canada Survey specialist who was showing us how he could identify the past two decades of rockslides, floods and mudslides in the area. The test pit was rectangular in shape around 7' deep and had a railing to prevent anyone from accidentally walking into it (we were, after all, in the bush). Without thinking I placed my hands on the railings to look down into the pit. Angel was with me, of course (where else should she be when I'm out in the field?!) and she took my hand gestures to mean that she should JUMP the railing! Egad, but my heart stopped as she cleared the railing and for one split second stared at me over empty space of the pit with that Wily Coyote expression of 'uh oh' before plummeting down. Well the dog gods must have been smiling on her that day because she landed with a soft thump and climbed right up those walls with scarce a concern. I now know to either keep my hands in my pockets or make certain I have eye contact with her ANYTIME I'm around something she may leap up, climb, or jump over. I forget that her being deaf means that her every bit of attention is always focused on my hands. I don't want to go through that kind of scare again. Once again, I can't believe how incredibly agile she is!

Cindy M

This morning, while looking out the back window while doing dishes, I noticed that the cover on our barbecue was coming loose, and filling with air. We live in Washington State, and have a "Pineapple Express" storm moving through, so LOTS of rain and LOTS of wind. I'm thinking I should go and out there and batten it down before it takes off, when all of a sudden, it does just that . . . it fills up with air, and just lifts off the barbecue, and heads for the house. Pete was sitting by the back door, along with my two cats, enjoying the brisk, but very, very warm wind, when this takes place. I looked over just in times to see him leap straight up into the air, with every hair on his body standing straight on end. And he lets out with one of those unmistakable cattle dog 'screams'! About the time, the cover hits the screen door, he is in full howl and he is going to 'get it,' no matter what. . . He lands on both cats, which causes even more commotion, and then he attacks the thing through the screen door. (I didn't put this under the damage category, as the screens are just something that we constantly replace due to his 'squirrel' chasing. . .) So, there is howling wind, howling cats, and a howling, and by this time, 'growling' cattle dog. It was one of the funniest things I have seen him do in a long time. He looked totally mortified when the thing just deflated, and lay on the back stairs. He slunk off, totally embarrassed. The poor cats had to be peeled off the ceiling. Cindy and Pete (I wasn't afraid, Mom, really I wasn't. . . .)

#7 Most unusual item presented as gift to owner (See what a good dog I am?)

Tina E.

Priz. Well here is my entry for best item brought home. This is not a physical item I could pick up but an odor. I don't know if this will count or not. We have a routine in our house. I get up before dawn (approx 5:15 to let the dogs out) in our 5 acre fenced yard. I try to get a few more minutes napping in until 5:30 and then get up to get ready to go to work. I leave the dogs out until 6:00 so they have lots of time to play and do their business as they will be in the house until approx 1:00 pm when my mother-in-law comes over and lets them out. Well I opened the door and was met with the smelliest skunk odor I have ever smelled. Miss Harley must have had a run-in with a skunk. I mean I could hardly open my eyes the smell was so bad. I had to go to work and could not be late. So I woke up my step daughter (staying with us that night) and asked her to please let the dog out as soon as I got out of the yard and I would call her with the recipe to give the dog a bath. So in the crate Harley went (which is kept in the Kitchen) and out the door I went. When I got out of the yard, my stepdaughter let Harley out again. When I got to work, I looked up a de-skunk recipe and called home with it. My stepdaughter and mother-in-law made up the potion and washed Harley. I came home to a lemony fresh dog. Part of the recipe called for dish soap and we had lemon fresh Joy in the house. Harley has also brought home birds, squirrels, bunnies, frogs, and a dead fish. But the worse thing she has brought home was the skunk smell.

Angela B-S

A calf had died a few wks before, but coyotes dragged the carcass off before we could dispose of it. We figured it was gone for good. One night I awoke to the dogs parading in and out of the doggie door, knew they were up to noooo good. Paco jumped in the middle of our bed and rubbed his face as he does after he eats; then the smell hit. I threw Paco outside, flipped on the lights, and to my horror found various pieces of decomposing calf carcass on my couch, the floor, and the lower half of a front leg on my kitchen table, which is where Paco liked to stash his treats so other dogs can’t get them (when I was in the room of course). Paco came back in the doggie door, grabbed the remains of the calf's skull, did a perfect front, and dropped his treasure at my feet, fully expecting to be rewarded for his perfect retrieve. I still don't know how they dragged the pieces in the doggie door.........

Trish C

This one is quick and simple: At 6 mo of age Niki presented me with 4 inches of my 7 inch prized pond goldfish (sans head) she got another one, too, but this one she made sure to leave on the top step of the back porch. We buried the fish in the garden (make good fertilizer) and a couple times she managed to move the rocks on them proceeded to dig them up and re-present us with the rotting fish.

NE/CO K9's Kelly D

This was just this morning!! Bandit brought me a very flat, very bloody and very dead rabbit. Dropped it at my feet and I swear I saw him laugh when I screamed.

#8 Regardless of event, single most humiliating experience served up by a cattle dog.

Polly M

OK, here's my entry for Echo, for the most embarrassing moment! We were at a match in the obedience ring. All the dogs were in a down stay off leash, while the handlers were across the ring waiting for that 3 minutes to be up. A Dachshund next to Echo decided to break its down stay, got up and started walking around. Echo being the "Rule Enforcer" went after the dog picked it up and placed (OK, it looked more like slammed) it on the floor in a down, and then stood over it to make sure it didn't get up again. The little dachshund wasn't injured at all, in fact it had latched its teeth onto Echo's neck. The judge walked over to me, told me and the entire audience in a VERY loud voice how horrible my dog was and how I should never trust him. Then she proceeded to put her arms around me and bodily led me and Echo, not just out of the ring, but out of the building!!! I wanted to crawl away and die. Echo on the other hand trotted out of the arena looking very proud of himself!


I have to lead you up to the event with some background information. I had been showing Clint in Conformation for less than a month. It was only the fourth time either of us had ever been in the ring. Well, low and behold, the Judge to a real liking to Clint. She was very nice and gave me all kinds of tips on how to show him better. She also gave him Best of Winners and his first point. Since it was his first point, I of course had to have a photo taken. Unfortunately, Clint had had enough of being good and didn't want to stack to stand still for the picture. Finally, the Judge said to just let him sit. So I did. Then the photographer started squeaking some toys to get Clint's attention and then she threw the toy in the direction she wanted Clint to look. The next thing I knew, I was being dragged across the ring, Clint all but pulling the lead out of my hand, because, you see, if it's thrown IT MUST BE FETCHED! Clint had learned how to fetch before he was 5 months old. I didn't even teach him how to do it, Sydney did (she's a fetching fool, too, or was when she could still see). Anyway, everyone watching, even the Judge and photographer, were laughing while I slunk back into position next to the Judge. We did finally get the picture taken with Clint sitting, the Judge grinning and me looking like a deer caught in the headlights, fearfully wondering what Clint would do next.


Floyd is absolutely terrified and hides behind me when he comes face to face with a door stop. They are kind of springy and make a weird noise if you touch them with your paw.


Sheila in Mexico several years ago had a humiliating experience served to her --We were doing the 3 minute down in obedience. We didn't even get across the ring when the HUGE Great Dane next to her got up and sat on Sheila's back half. Sheila pushed her little front paws into the ground and stayed there the whole 3 minutes in the down position bracing herself so the Dane didn't move her. The owner said nothing. ALL the other participants, observers and judge congratulated me on such a well-behaved dog. Those that knew ACDs (especially Sheila) stood in amazement that she didn't take that horrible Great Dane's head off. She did have her moments

Kate H

In one of my first forays into Novice A obedience ... Jill barked at the judge. I actually don't blame her, as I'd somehow neglected to socialize her to women with flower gardens on their heads! It was about this time that I decided to take up herding instead.

Jone S

CD is our ACDx that we adopted from the pound. My brother was married this year in the Outer Banks. Each member of our family rented their own house because no one would leave their dogs in a kennel, and no realtor in their right mind would rent a house to eight dogs. We had CD with us when we went to visit my parents’ rental. My parents had friends of my brother staying with them. Nice couple, well, as we're all sitting/standing around talking CD walks up to Hynen and lifts his leg on him. Yep peed on him right there in the living room. Thank goodness North Carolinians have a since of humor, he got up said our dog must really like him and proceeded to wipe his leg on my Dad.

Lisa A

This would be my "goober dog" Oscar. We took Breed at the Grand Rapids show and a nice woman I met there also took breed with her young BC bitch. She moved her crate over by us so we could talk until Groups started. When it was time we got ready and headed for the group ring, but there were so many people in front of us we couldn't get IN the ring. Finally shoving people aside we got in the ring AFTER the corgis. The BC went in front and we followed. Well, Oscar rushed up, hit the end of the lead, spun around and puked on the mat. Not really knowing what to do I started him up again...and again he hit the end of the lead, spun around and puked! I glanced around to see people lining the ring laughing hysterically. I looked behind me to see if maybe I could just turn around and exit thru the gate, but we were already half way around the ring so I started up again. Oscar hit the end of the lead spun around and gaaked (he had nothing left in his stomach by this time). OMG!?! I gave up trying to gait him and just dragged him over in line. He was still being loony......trying to butt bump the BC (an Oscar trait where he jumps in the air, spins and flings his butt at another dog......he figures if he can't touch them with the front end he can hit them with the back end). By this time, I was just trying to do damage control so that I wasn't interfering with any of the other dogs in the ring. When the humiliation was FINALLY over and we were putting our dogs back in their crates the woman with the BC noticed blood on her hands...her girl was in heat!! Poor Oscar must have been out of his mind!!

Darlene H

I have really been enjoying reading about the different dogs and the things they can come up with. Somehow, I don't think I can come up with anything to compare with the humiliating experiences they have caused. They can be quite embarrassing to show in about any event, though. Annie used to get me about any time I entered herding. At the specialty one year, the cattle kept running to the other end of the arena any time a dog entered. Annie took off after them to bring them back and about half way she saw a stick lying on the ground. The heck with the cattle. She brought the stick back to play fetch.

Carolyn E

Let’s see embarrassing moments... geez how do you pick one ... LOL Sadie my little blue devil... hates I mean absolutely despises other dogs. We are watching one of my sons play baseball. Lawn chairs, beautiful summer evening, Dozens and dozens of fans (parents) watching. Sadie normally has a Haltie (head harness) on when away from home. She is a lunge QUEEN. Now that we are sitting comfortably, I move her lead from head to body harness ... dumb, dumb, dumb. Suddenly a dog starts barking behind and off to my left. Before I can even think about it, she is off. She proceeds to yank me and my chair over backwards, (Arms and legs Flying, chair crashing, dog barking.) and then drag me another 5 ft, before I can respond. Every time I tried to get OFF my stomach and on to my hands and knees she would lunge again, pulling me forward another couple feet and back onto my stomach. By the time I finally got my balance enough to GET UP off the ground. We were the CENTER of attention. EVERYONE was watching. I am sure my boy would like to enter this as one of HIS most embarrassing moments also. Crazy wild barking dog, pulling Mom across the grass on her stomach.

NE/CO K9's Kelly D

From Bandit my ACD/BC cross. At about 6 months of age my in laws came over to visit for the day. After about an hour of being there he walked over and very politely pooped on my father-in-law’s shoe. (squatting, none the less, no leg lifts, here.)

Angie D

Last week, I take Stella to PetsMart to get some treats, as we were at the checkout stand, she started to bark and the hair on her back was straight up. What was she barking at the statue of the dog and cat asking for donations to help with pet rescue. I figure this would be a great training experience, so armed with treats, I try and get her to get closer to investigate, 20 minutes later and a huge crowd, Stella decides she is bored with the statue and it is time to go home, she walks up to it, eats all the treats I placed around the base and then looks at me like she wants to go home. People were clapping!! I went in there yesterday sans dogs and they all know who I am and were telling me that people were coming in to ask about the outcome as they had to leave and couldn't see the end result.

Lori E

Rated PG 13. I was just beginning to get involved in the local dog training clubs agility nights. I took Sophie to the practices and she was great! SO, of course when the opportunity came up to attend an agility seminar by the judge of that weekends trial, I bathed Sophie and we were early to get on the front row!! I was so excited... but, unfortunately, so was Sophie- who began to express her "excitement" by humping vigorously. To the delight of everyone I scooped her up in my arms (still in action) and carried her out of the auditorium... my friend later told me it looked like I was playing an accordion from behind.

Sarah M

We used to have a sweet little old lady neighbor that Charley couldn't stand, for no reason we could ever figure out. Maybe it was that she was kind of stooped over, I don't know. Anyway, every time he saw this poor woman Charley would start growling and spitting and barking, lunging at his leash, and just turn into the devil incarnate. The lady was incredibly sweet and always smiled at me, despite the fact that I had this raging demon dog trying to kill her. I wanted to just disappear (and take my insane dog with me) every time.

Gill, Janey & Rip (the Welsh Cowdogs) UK

Janey this time, we had always trained agility indoors our first ever 'proper' agility competition was outside, well we started at a good pace, first jump, then the A Frame at the top of which Janey suddenly realizes there's lots of people and other dogs watching and just froze, meanwhile I'm calling and trying to coax her down in the end she spies Gordon in the crowd and flies down the A Frame straight to her 'dad' then decides she would like to carry on after all so came back to me in the which time the judge kindly informed me we were out of time anyway! We were entered in two other classes that day and she eventually got the hang of it by the last one!
When on holiday in Scotland a few years back with some friends and their dogs, we set out for the most glorious of walks in a remote area, it was September and although the weather was great we didn't see a single person for the whole of the walk and had kind of let our guard down on how far in front of us the dogs were, we turned a corner onto a river edge only to find a big posh boat all moored up and this obviously well-to-do family partaking of a picnic lunch......with Janey sitting amongst them doing her best “oh I'm so hungry my parents’ never feed me look”.
When I asked Gordon if he could think of any humiliating situations with the dogs, all he kept coming up with was when he was walking Janey through our town on a Saturday lunchtime, bear in mind this is a small town that has a street market every Saturday so was extremely busy and Janey had a call of nature right outside the doorway of one of the busiest cafes, he had to wait for her to finish then do the poop scoop business whilst all the time people were waiting to get in and out of the cafe! Funnily enough I don't think he's ever taken her through town on a Saturday since.

Angela B-S

Charlie went EVERYWHERE with us, stayed in back of truck when we went in somewhere...dumb move, but it was the norm back then. We were eating at a Denny's that was built into side of a hill, windows at ground level. Here comes Charlie, happily raising his leg and peeing on every window, right at eye level with all the customers. We had to go around the restaurant and wash every window he marked.

Sara R

I suppose that really humiliating events require a large audience, but I recall an attempt at a family ski trip last winter as deeply embarrassing in the sense that one realizes the idiocy of one's expectations. The ideal is that one visits my sister's farm in the winter and everyone gets out their cross country skis and heads out across the fields while one's pack of dogs frolics in the snow. Last winter, I was still thinking that Mouse could participate in this idyll, despite the fact that she seemed to have marked out my sister's beagle cross as destroy on sight. As we launched this expedition, the beagle was not in sight, so I put basket muzzles on my rottie bitch and on Mouse to keep anything bad from happening, and we set out. Naturally, the beagle appeared instantly, Mouse attacked and I had the fun of dragging her off the beagle while wearing skis. Not being one to give up easily, I returned to the car for a flexi leash. Figuring that the beagle would steer clear, or at least stay out of range of the flexi, we resumed our trek. However, the beagle kept coming over to see if Mouse wanted to continue to chew on her, so we ended up with Mouse pulling out the gear on the flexi and managing to actually get to the beagle again. Of course I was pulled over in deep snow, trying to crawl over to haul Mouse off, and I finally managed to pull her off, at which time my rottie bitch decided that she really needed to continue disciplining the beagle. Fortunately, she was still wearing her basket muzzle and, unlike my cattle dog, my rotties stop fighting on command. Cattle dogs have a way of showing up one's doggy idylls as grand farce. I don't think she is going skiing again. Ever.

Jen O

This could fall under the outrageous act too, probably! I was playing in our yard with Rocky. He is usually on a leash since recall isn't his strong point. I was throwing his favorite toy up our driveway and letting him chase it (it's a big ball). Well, he started running and moved faster than I gave him credit for. I picked up speed behind him but those cattle dogs are just too fast & strong for their own good! I fell, and he proceeded to drag me up the driveway until he reached his ball. I survived with black & blue knees and elbows. My neighbors are polite enough to just never bring it up. My husband, on the other hand, walked out and witnessed the whole event. Still finds it a fun story to tell! Jen & Rocky


#1 Highest clean and jerk from a standing position -- and what they were going after.

First place: Charlie (Angela B-S).
Second place: Blaze (Nancy C)
Third place: Stratus (Angie D)

#2 Most unusual item to pass completely through a cattle dog's digestive tract without medical intervention

First place: Floyd (Sharon)
Second place: Spinner (Angela B-S)
Tie for third place: Rocky (Jen O) and Syd (Sarah B)

#3 Most distinguishing physical characteristic presented by a dog believed to be full ACD that most departs from breed standards.

First place: Charley (Sarah M)
Tie for second place: DoughyDog (Barb F) and Stella (Angie D)
Third place: Boomer (Carolyn E)

#4 Most arrests by animal control

First, second and third places goes to Mary-Beth M's Miles, who, it was thought, even with competition would have come out a winner.

#5 Most financial damage incurred in one fiscal year

First place: Claddaugh (Jessica C)
Second place: Annie/Blue (Darlene Hurley)
Third place: Rip (Gill, Janey & Rip (the Welsh Cowdogs) UK)

#6 Most outrageous act committed without causing bodily harm

First place: Angel (Edith B. T.)
Second place: Pete (Cindy M)
Third place: Mouse (Sara R)

#7 Most unusual item presented as gift to owner (See what a good dog I am?)

First place: Paco (Angela B-S)
Second place: Niki (Trish C)
Third place: Bandit (Kelly D)

#8 Regardless of event, single most humiliating experience served up by a cattle dog.

First place: Charlie (Angela B-S)
Second place: Ubu (Mary Schott)
Tie for third place: Sadie (Carolyn E) and Echo (Polly M)

And, drum roll, please, BEST IN SHOW FOR 2003 goes to a true dawg's dog, a no-nonsense, don't take no guff from any freakin' Dobermans and just watch me pee on the windows at Denny's, the dearly-departed CHARLIE, a member of Angela B-S family.

And as a special note, Angela's Paco took first place in #7, the gross-out gifts category.
Dinnertime at that house must always be an occasion.

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It's never boring with ACDs

At there is a listserve for us crazy cattle dog people.

Once in a while there will be a theme proposed to elicit stories. This one was called "Demolition lists" Don't let the stories scare you away if you are interested in an ACD, just use them as warnings. Thanks to the contributors.

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 14:10:49 -0700
From: Brandy
Subject: Re: Demolition lists -- it's time!

I am afraid it is my year to win -
I sold my home and had not yet found a new one, so my children and I moved in with my ex husband. The animals and I in the 2 bdrm basement, my kids and ex upstairs.
This was an iffy prospect as my ex is from the old school of beat your animals into submission, this caused some tension and the dogs although never having been touched by him are very leery of him (wonder if they sense that from me). He had company over that didn't like dogs - in my home they would have dealt with it - in his home he put them in their bedroom and closed the door.
Curtains, Walls, Carpet,2x4 studs, 4x4 studs, ceiling, ceiling mounted heat ducts (don't know don't
ask) 2x4 studs - yea in a manner of hours they had destroyed the entire room - not just one wall or one corner but the ENTIRE room ~ and they did it in silence.

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 15:15:22 -0600
From: Darlene
Subject: Re: Demolition lists -- it's time!

When my dogs were puppies they chewed the corners off my coffee table and piano bench and chewed the cords on my massaging lounge chair (and I could really use the massage now). Annie ruined my carpet during the years after getting upset by another dog, then she and Blue ruined the water bed, which in turn ruined a hardwood floor, the ceiling downstairs, and whatever was in boxes under that room. I haven't gone through those boxes yet to see what all got ruined. I don't care. I'll round off the corners of the furniture sometime.

Blue, Venture and Patty also dug up my aunt's lily bulbs when we were in St. Louis after the specialty there and Blue cut the roses off the bushes when he ran by them. Fun way to get your exercise at the aunt's house.


Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 16:19:42 -0500
From: Mary H H
Subject: Re: Demolition lists -- it's time!

Neil P wrote:
>.... How much damage has your dog done over the years? Or blatant
>thievery by counter-surfing?

I'll play.

I don't mind the blatant theivery (and if I did, I'd *do* something about it). I don't even mind finding the everyday dishes, apparently spotless, lounging around on the sofas or hiding behind the loveseat. I confess a small quantity of irritation when Someone (a large, black, somewhat Lab-ish Someone who answers to the name of
"Duke") chewed all the non-stick coating off the only (previously) decent frying pan, but I spend most of my life in varying degrees of irritation, so even that wasn't a Big Deal.

I draw the line at arson.

Ranger is blameless, hard to believe as that is. He was with me, in class. My roommate stopped by the house on her way to pick us up from class (she worries about me walking home past the bars at night with an apparently cute / harmless dog like Ranger), and smelled burning paper. Upon investigation, a Certain Canine Someone knocked a small lamp onto the newspapers on my one (previously) good table. The shade was off, and the bare incandescent bulb was merrily combusting the snot out of the Des Moines Register business section.
(This might actually be a good use for Snappy Trainers -- Duke's about as sensitive as comatose granite to anything short of grievous bodily harm. But it's easier to just make sure that lamp's off when I leave the house.)

When I got home, I found not only the newspaper with a black/brown, crispy spot, but that the "spot" was melted to the plastic placemat. It, in turn, was melted onto/into the vinyl tablecloth. Which was stuck to the actual table by the remains of its scorched and melted varnish. So much for thoughts of "Antiques Roadshow" riches . I'm lucky to still have a house, and dogs to scold in it.

Mary H.
"It is an immense loss to have all robust and sustaining expletives refined away from one! At . . . moments of trial refinement is a feeble reed to lean upon."
(Alice James)

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 17:55:21 -0400
From: Erin LV
Subject: Demolition Lists...

Oh boy...what has been destroyed huh???? Well lets see here, I have lost 2 couches, yep, count 'em 2, but the ACD involved (Tyler) had some help from a wretched little Aussie/GSD mix we were fostering. Tyler himself has eaten several remotes, 2 cordless phones, 1 cell phone, 1 laptop cord, several candles, and numerous items out of the trash! Rain has been good so far, knock on wood, only eating toilet paper from the bathroom trash can. When Vixen & I lived in our townhouse, she ate an entire bookcase & about $400 worth of EMT/Paramedic textbooks! She also ate 4 e-collars, and numerous bandages when we were surviving the dreaded broken femur! I can say I have been lucky, I still have a house, boyfriend, and 2 ACDs :) I have had more damage done by my non-ACDs anyways! But on a funnier note, Vixen, who now lives with my parents, learned to open the kitchen cabinets, and now helps herself to anything her little hear desire s when my parents forget to crate her, she nev!
er did it

Erin, Tyler (The Dane told me to eat it mom), & Rain (what I am deaf???)

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 15:52:06 -0700
From: Sheila M
Subject: Destructo puppies

My favorite was Aiden, puppy from Hell. He was *the* cutest, smartest, orneriest foster I ever had. In the course of 2 weeks, he ate:

6 shoes (1 each of 6 different pairs, of course) chewed through 2 blowdryer cords (unplugged)
1 vacuum cleaner cord (unplugged)
5 or 6 paperback books
a patchwork quilt
3 Gentle Leaders (Aiden *hated* these. I sent one with him to his forever family; when I called his new mom to ask how the Gentle Leader was working, she confessed sheepishly that he'd eaten it) the blanket in his crate the plastic pan in the bottom of the crate

He was also popped the welds on the crate and escaped several times. When I finally wedged the crate in a corner, he popped the welds, stuck his head out, and chewed a hole in the wall.

He was a great dog. His forever family loves him. And he taught me a whole lot about puppyproofing a house. :-)

and the knuckleheads

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 18:58:00 -0400
From: Tonya
Subject: Re: Demolition lists -- it's time! (long, of course)

-----Neil demonically suggested-----
>Ann Marie raised a good point, and I think it's definitely time
>again.... How much damage has your dog done over the years? Or blatant
>thievery by counter-surfing? I remember this went around a couple of
>years ago, and it was quite humorous, to say the least. And when Rosie
>was being a butt-head (most days, actually), it was nice to be reminded
>that she's definitely not the worst of the bunch for destructo-dog
>tendencies. Although, none of our Henkel knives have un-chewed handles

My favorite was the e-Specialty where we had a category of "Most Expensive Damage Done". I don't remember who won that particular category, but I *do* remember that Eriko's dog (was it Paige?) had managed to eat an Oriental carpet and I thought "I can't compete with that!"

We have actually managed to get off pretty light this year in terms of actual property damage caused by Hooliganism. I don't think we can count the vivisected stuffed animals since - let's face it - we bought those knowing they were a lost cause. I sometimes feel sorry for stuffed animals in my house since they're basically coming to live with us so I can throw them under the bus. Ditto the bag of socks that I now keep just for Tiger. He's not happy if he's not toting around a sock. And most of the extreme furniture damage seems to have been restricted to their puppyhood. Why, it's been weeks since anyone has eaten a pillow!

Counter surfing remains an issue. I have taken the great advice given to me on the list and hung firm through repeated arguments with my mother, my dad and Sean - they all want me to give up the giant antique microwave and invest in something newer, smaller and less likely to throw out death rays. However, since I basically use the microwave to store things that the dogs were stealing off the counter, I need the extra-big one. They don't think this argument has as much merit as I do, but that baby's staying where it is until I get a dog-proof box. So there. Since learning to store things in the microwave, our counter surfing incidents have gone way down. Of course, the holidays are fast approaching and there will once again be things carelessly left laying on the dining room tables where Elvis can do a "levitate and snatch" in under 3 seconds.

BUT! I do have a tale of destruction. Do the dogs destroying each other count in this demolition list? Because we had the Great Eye Gouging Incident. (Sean thinks this was a cry for help from Tiger, but I know that Bad Elvis did it.) Went out and left the dogs in their crates. Came home and took dogs OUT of the crates. Let the dogs into the back yard for necessary potty functions under supervision. Came upstairs with dogs. See Tiger rolling around on the quilt that it took me EIGHT MONTHS to make by hand. Actually, he's allowed to roll around on the quilt. Except this one time. Because this one time, he was using the quilt to wipe the blood off his face. Bad Tiger. (OH! That also counts for property damage!) Anyway, somewhere between "let them out" and "came upstairs" Tiger had ripped a big flap of skin off his face in a semi-circular pattern that looked suspiciously like Elvis teeth marks. It missed his eye by about an eyelash. It required a trip to the Emergency Vet, surgery (including a consult with an opthamologist), two weeks in an e-collar which ALSO led to property damage, since Tiger decided that the best thing in life was ramming things with the collar and People Damage since he wasn't shy about people being some of the things that he would ram AND having to chase him down 4 times a day to put ointment on his eye.

And that was after all the Paw Woundings.

Want to hear the best part of my week? We took the boys to the Pet Spa (it's not a kennel - it's really called the Pet Spa) last week while we were out of town. Sadly, the spa cost more than we spent on the rest of the vacation. ANYWAY, when we first started taking them there, I was extremely concerned because... well... my dogs are Bad Dogs and I didn't want to get sued when they ate someone else's angel. The spa offers a "report card" where they will tell you how the dogs reacted to their various activities (off leash romp in the woods, activity center, pool/Jacuzzi time, grooming, etc.) and how they did while they were in the kennel in general. I've been collecting them - we get a report card every time we leave the dogs. Because they all say things like "these are the greatest dogs in the history of dogdom and I hope you bring them more often!" and "Elvis is such a love bug - what a cute funny happy boy!" and "NOT VICIOUS KILLERS TRYING TO EAT THE NEIGHBORS". I mean, what are the odds that someone I'm paying is going to say something nice about my dogs?

And the Groomed and Sleepy Hooligans

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 19:17:15 -0400
From: Tonya
Subject: Re: Demolition lists -- it's time!

Oh... HEY! I didn't know we could accumulate damage!!!

Because then I can include the brand new living room set that Elvis used to comfort himself while he was teething when I first got him. (Note to self: just because someone SAYS that a dog is 11 months old, if they're dropping their baby teeth, it's probably not true.) Also, the pattern on the new furniture (coffee table, sofa, ottoman and chair and love seat) was perfect for hiding pee stains. Until the smell wafted up. And the orthopedic inserts and leather tasseled work shoes that Tiger ate. And the vet visit immediately following the shoe-eating. And the limited edition, signed copy of one of my favorite authors that Foster DJ ate - my bad for leaving it within 6 feet of the floor. And the...

And then I saw Mary's post. I can't compete with ARSON.

I'm out of the running again.

But at least we're not kicking our neighbors and zipping our tails around like SOME weirdos. (Susan - I suggested a TRADE. You gotta take one of the hooligans in exchange for the lovely and talented Zerphyr.)

down to one post for the day

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 20:35:04 -0400
From: Claire
Subject: Re: Demolition lists -- it's time!

Destructo dogs? Let's see, when Lady was a "teenager" she ate/destroyed the

1 twin bed (my son's)
1 brand new king-sized quilt (mine)
An unknown number of pairs of shoes (I gave up counting at around 10) An unknown number of panties (I never did start counting)
1 set of king sized sheets
oh, I know there was more, but it's been a couple years so I've forgotten....Oh, yeah, she's bitten a couple of hoses that run from the pool to the filter and back again clean through so they had to be replaced.

As a puppy, Clint had a thing for my underwear, too, and ate or destroyed an uncounted number of bras (including one I'd never worn) and panties. He is also the reason I no longer have a rose bush in the back yard, he ate that down to the roots.

2 years ago, he managed to break my hand (well, ring finger) pretty bad and I had to have surgery on it. I have 2 screws in my left ring finger, they're Phillips head, you can see it in the x-rays. Include in the medical costs the cost of having 3 rings (2 wedding rings and 1 engagement ring) fixed and resized after they'd been cut off at the ER.

Most recently, last May, when Lady was in season, he lost his mind and managed to pull a brand new dress that I'd only worn 1 time into his crate and ate about 1/3 of it. Now just how he got it in his crate I don't know, because the dress was hanging up on the closet door and it was not touching the crate. I KNOW that there was several inches between the dress and the crate.

Now Sydney, my grand dame old lady, has only eaten 2 things. 1 was the tassels off a pair of Ed's (hubby's) loafers (we figure she was making a fashion statement) and the other was the arm off a sofa that a friend gave us. Of course the friend had labs and I figure Syd didn't like the smell of the labs in her house.

I really can't blame this one on Syd, but I did trip over her once and broke my big toe. No screws in it, so the doctor bills weren't too bad.

Kelley, the old man, has recently taken to eating dirty dish towels and table cloths. He either pulls them out of the hamper or Alex (13 year-old
human) leaves them on the floor when searching for his own laundry to wash.
I have no idea how many Kelly has snacked on, but I would say he's done in at least 6 table cloths. I now buy table cloths and dish towels on a regular basis.

As far as counter surfing goes, they all do it I've lost all kinds of food, steaks, roasts, you name it, I've lost it. When she could see, Syd used to climb on the counter using the dog food containers!

Claire and company.

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 18:08:29 -0700
From: Kathleen C
Subject: Re: Demolition Lists...

Well....demolition sort of comes in two forms: intentional and unintentional.

Every pillow in my house in the backyard destuffed.
Three shoes chewed.

Not bad for having her almost exactly a year.

In helping me keep on top of my laundry and stripping my bed for me every week she has torn three sets of sheets, two comforters and a mattress pad.

She also helps out with removing the sofa and chair covers. Two sets of those.

One ruined carpet due to bird blood (she was providing dinner.)

Replacement carpet due to squirrel blood.

The shredding things stopped when I started giving her things she could shred. She gets the empty cookie boxes and dog food bags, has a blast throwing them all over the backyard then I just mow them up. For some reason the stuffed toys I gave her to destuff she treats with great care, not so much as a chewed ear.


Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 19:34:21 -0700
From: Ingrid R
Subject: Re: Demolition list

I can't compete with arson etc but Tessa has proven to be a pricey dog to own

1.) I collect rare and antique books. Tessa has good taste in books. In fact, such good taste in books that she ate the almost 120 years old original leather bound edition of Montana's first congressional record. I can't even think of its value without crying.

2.) Tessa has the obnoxious habit of going rabid when dogs go by her crate or the car. Usually I have a stuffed toy with her and she shoves that in her mouth when she barks at the passing dogs. Once, I forgot to put a toy in the car while she was loose in it when I was at a dog seminar. Tessa, ever resourceful, used the back of the rear seat of the car. To the tune of pulling the seat off the frame.

3.) This is sort of demolition - About 5 years ago Poe had some lameness issues and we went through a series of xrays, MRI, etc. After one such xray stints, I came home from the vet with a still woozy Poe and a bottle of Rimadyl. Poe and I are crashed in the bedroom watching TV when I realize Tessa is not with me. No, Tessa had decided to counter surf, eat through the "child" proof bottle and ingest the entire bottle of Rimadyl. So I go to the store buy a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and a turkey baster. Got home and did introductions. Tessa meet Turkey Baster. Turkey Baster meet Tessa's throat. After "basting" about 2 ounces of peroxide down her throat (a feat that caused such a struggle that the woozy Poe rolled off the bed and laid down in the living room to watch the show), Tessa pukes up the Rimadyl on the carpet (did I mention that it was white carpet?) and by this point she and I were both exhausted, sweaty, and none too happy. So I broke up a dog biscuit
in a bowl and mixed in some pepto bismol. She ate some of it and than I took her in the bathroom and gave her a sponge bath. When I am done I lay her down on the bed and go to find Poe. Found Poe. Asleep. In the bowl of biscuits and pepto bismol. Which has now spilled over the white carpet. Clean Poe off and put him in the bed next to Tessa and proceeded to sleep on the floor that evening.

But even with all these events I would not trade Tessa in for the Gutenburg bible ;-)


Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 19:47:34 -0700
From: Heather W
Subject: Re: Demolition list

My bestest girl Jetta who is no longer w/ me...she had a stomach of steel!

She ate 4 boxes of Large Heartgard Chewable tablets (24 pills of 50-100# dog) Tried to induce vomiting..which Jetta said the hell with that- they are staying in! Nothing happened..thank goodness!

2 fresh Rhubarb/Strawberry Pies- just out of the oven..she left the bottom crust for us.

Countless of Remote Controls to the TV..I should have bought stock..

Our office manager's lunch- which were VERY hot wings..we thought Jetta ate them..but to our surprice- a few days later she came out from upstairs of the clinic with several of them. She just buried them in a safe spot for future use!

Whole batch of German Chocolate Brownies...something her breeder has never forgiven her for!....Jetta pleaded the 5th on that one..and blamed it on her voices she was hearing! This was on a way to a dog show and we stopped at a rest area...she had them gone w/in 5 minutes!

Last- Jetta had a thing w/ Buttons and Zippers.... She would chew off zippers of coats..even while hanging in a closet...she would just yank them off! Buttons too..and god forbid if I leave bait in a pocket...the holes she chewed in those!

Darn dogs!

Heather and Crew

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 20:58:07 -0600
From: Vennessa G
Subject: Re: Demolition lists -- it's time

Okay, here's Dingo's trophy list so far. I've only had him a few months...
There's still time for him to up his damage list though.

* One entire package of Bic crystal black ball-point pens and the
carpet they were sitting on when the ink leaked out
* One and a half bookshelves, (she destroyed the bottom shelf so the
weight of one collapsed on the other and toppled it)
* Most of the books in two tall bookshelves, I'm an English teacher,
so I have quite a few expense books
* Two pairs of sneakers
* Four pairs of laces
* One high heeled shoe
* One lamp chord (unplugged at the time)
* One entire lamp (wooden lamp, light bulb and shade)
* Two plastic plates
* Almost three sets of irreplaceable china when he pulled the
tablecloth off the table to get to my dinner
* Nine tropical fish (apparently they were enticing him so he went for
a swim and ate them)
* A priceless wooden bear sculpture
* My mother's rocking chair
* Two window ledges
* A large piece of drywall in the living room
* Some candles
* 1 DVD
* Three dresses
* 1 blanket
* 1 bed skirt
* 1 silk plant
* Various baseboards from around the house
* Chipped paint on a metal bed frame
* Two pillows
* A laptop chord
* And has left teeth marks on all my furniture, dresser, china hutch,
table, chairs, coffee tables and various other things

That's all I can think of now. Just wait I'm sure he'll come up with more

Vennessa & Dingo

You know, reading some of these stories reminds how (relatively) good my girls are.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ten Commandments for the Pet Owner

1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you is likely to be painful.

2. Give me time to understand what you want from me

3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being.

4. Don't be angry with me for long and don't lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment, but I have only you.

5. Talk to me. Even if I don't understand your words, I do understand your voice, when speaking to me.

6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget it.

7. Before you hit me, before you strike me, remember that I could hurt you, and yet, I choose not to bite you.

8. Before you scold me for being lazy, or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I'm not getting the right food, I have been in the sun too long, or, my heart might be getting old, or weak.

9. Please take care of me when I grow old. You too, will grow old.

10. On the ultimate difficult journey, go with me please.
Never say you can't bear to watch.
Don't make me face this alone.
Everything is easier for me if you are there, because I love you so.

9/11/2008 in memory of Conan.